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Vertebral Compression FactorsVertebral compression fractures (VCFs) are both common and serious. Osteoporosis alone accounts for one VCF every 45 seconds in this country. Whether due to osteoporosis, cancer or other condition, VCFs can be painful and, if left untreated, can have dramatic adverse effects on your overall health and well-being.


The most common symptom of a VCF is pain, which is sufficiently harmful to lifestyle and general health. At the same time, the systemic nature of low bone mass leaves many patients with multiple vertebral compression fractures. This can shorten the spine and angle it forward to cause kyphosis. Over time, kyphosis’ hunchbacked posture can compress the lungs and abdomen and cause a variety of complications, including:

  • Reduced mobility & activity
  • Impaired pulmonary function
  • Sleep disorders
  • Decreased appetite
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Isolation & depression
  • Increased risk of premature death

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At Comprehensive Neurosurgery, Dr. E. Thomas Cullom, III repairs VCFs using the latest minimally invasive treatment, known as kyphoplasty. Dr. Cullom percutaneously inserts an orthopedic balloon into the vertebral body and inflates it, restoring the vertebra to its proper height and angle and removing the pressure on the nerve structure. After deflating the balloon, Dr. Cullom injects bone cement into the cavity, stabilizing the fracture. Today, this procedure has been used worldwide to treat more than 100,000 cases of spinal compression fractures. Studies have shown that kyphoplasty is successful in correcting vertebral deformity, reducing pain significantly, improving quality of life and restoring the ability to perform daily activities.

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A board-certified neurosurgeon with more than 15 years’ experience, Dr. Cullom has performed a high volume of kyphoplasty procedures. In addition to being well-trained and experienced in all spine procedures, Dr. Cullom individualizes his care to your unique needs and provides the dedication and attention to detail you deserve.

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